As I get chance to converse with more and more youth’s the most common thing I have noticed is, now a days youngsters are always stressed over something due to which they instantly react to all the situations. And often they end up landing in more trouble. In past one month, I have trained over more than 500 youths and it’s fun knowing that they are dying inside but are still wearing bunch of makeup. Aur kuch logo ka toh favourite swabhav hi ban gaya hai moodless rehna! Aaj kal ka naya trend hai, “Me Depression me hu” kehna!

My sessions are full of laughter, fun and excitement. In just one session, you will fall in love with your life once again. You will get control of your life and you will be reborn! A child is born with only two fears 1)Fear Of Sound and 2)Fear Of height, rest of all is installed in your body. Through these sessions you will be able to uninstall all the unwanted things from your mind and body. Remember, life is all about creating yourself!!

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