“Hi, I am Anagha and I would like to take you through my journey of life. I am a Software Engineer by my profession and a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and a counsellor by passion. I speak to people with a solo moto of making them Happy, Energetic & Focused.”

  • About Simerjeet

    After earning my degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering, I completed my
    diploma in Software Testing and began a promising career in the most fascinating IT world.

  • Simerjeet Singh

    I struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any other youth, I too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of goals in life.

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    They Say, “Everything happens for a reason”, but what’s the reason, no one knows, until you discover your purpose of life! And one’s you are able to find your true meaning of life , every day will be fun day and you will jump out of your bed full of excitement.

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    I found my purpose of life in making other people happy! Being Reiki and Pranic healing certified, through various sessions, I train people on how to control your subconscious mind and how to make miracles come true! At the same time I am having experience in Graphology, face reading, hypnotism.

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    It’s all about creating yourself! No great personality was ever born, they were created! And this is the secret to live a happy, peacefully and the life which you deserve! God cannot create anything useless and as you are God’s creation, you deserve the best the world!

  • Simer

    Since entering into a career as a motivational speaker, I have spoken with more than 100 groups—from CEOs to young professionals and students—from more than 50 nationalities. I have led discussions in settings ranging from small strategy meetings to retreats, student orientations and annual business conferences.

  • Simerjeet Achievements

    And here I am to help you live a happy, stress-free and a satisfied life! You just have one life and you should make the most out of it! Don’t wait for the perfect time, it’s never going to be perfect, you have to take a decision and make it perfect, strive so hard in the direction of your dreams that,” Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai”